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The transmission of Righteous Qi (Healthy energy and vitality) and Clear Shen (clear mind intent, clarity) is considered the essential hallmark of the ancient Chinese medical and healing traditions. To this end, I started the LGAQ Center to provide a space for the transmission of high quality Qigong, Tai Ji Chuan, Ba Gua Zhang, Chinese medical treatment and meditation.

We have a recently expanded schedule of classes and seminars to meet the needs of those truly in search of healing and integration at a deeper level. In the 35 years that I’ve been exploring the ‘Path’ or Tao of the ancient Chinese wisdom traditions, I have seen many powerful healings take place in response to committed and patient practice of these systems. These results are within everyone’s reach!

In establishing the Los Gatos Acupuncture and Qigong Center it is my intention to provide a space where these ancient methods and healing systems can be passed on to as many people as possible. So I invite you to participate in a class or a seminar,  or to come as a patient for treatment.

adam head shotAbout Sacred Acupuncture      

I practice acupunctureAsian Bodywork and Qigong healing. I also prescribe Chinese herbs, suggest nutritional strategies, and utilize vibrational remedies.

As a patient in a Sacred Acupuncture treatment you can learn a lot about yourself, and this normally shows you how to stay healthy. Many of my patients use acupuncture and Chinese medicine for its preventative medical benefits. An acupuncture session with me focuses on the simultaneous clearing of physical illness and pain, with the elucidation of meaning and purpose in life. In 22 years of practice I have been privileged to see many amazing healings. When I see this, I feel humbled by the power of the Spirit that is within each of us. I am also humbled by the power of this ancient healing system which still works so well today. We can often bill your insurance for acupuncture.

Here is a 30 minute audio response to the questions, “what is acupuncture?” and, “how does it work?”: “What is acupuncture?”, a sound file.

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